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Benefits of Drinking Sole

Benefits of Drinking Sole

 Ormus Minerals Sole Benefits
  • The sole supplies the body with the natural energy stored in the crystals and the body can hold this up to 24 hours. 
  • Can harmonize the alkaline/acidity balance in the body and normalize blood pressure
  • Can dissolve and eliminate sediments which lead to stones and various forms of rheumatism like arthritis, kidney and gall bladder stones
  • Can lower the craving for addictive desires
  • Can help with skin diseases by cleaning from inside out.

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 Sole Solution












 Bottle Size

Daily Dose


8 ounces

1 teaspoon daily

48 (1.5 month)

 16 ounces

1 teaspoon daily

 96 (3 months)
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Ormus Minerals Himalayan Crystal Salt Sole

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