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Minerals From Sea


There is 72% sea water in the planet earth. That is why sea minerals have always been considered a great value regarding the geographical & economical point of view. As the sea or ocean is the huge source of the minerals. So it has a different importance in all aspects.

Minerals From Sea


It is well known to all about the salinity of the sea water. According to one of the study on this ocean & sea publishes that the percentage of the salinity in the sea water is almost 3.5% that means the sea water contains 35 gm salt as per liter of water. For the information this salty water contains Sodium (Na ions) & Chloride (Cl ions).

The density of the sea water is 1.025gm/lit, which are comparatively higher than the normal fresh water (the density of the fresh water is 1.00gm/lit). The cause behind this high density of the sea water is the salt poured some extra mass without pouring any extra volume. In general the ions available in the sea water are-Cl-55%, Na 30.6%, SO2 47.7%, Mg 3.7%, Ca 1.2%, K 1.1%etc.

The scientific cause behind the salinity & other minerals in the sea water was proposed by the scientist Sir Edmond Halley. According to him due to the heavy shower, the rocks & soils were poured into the river. This river flows to the sea & puts all the minerals into the sea. According to this scientist the lakes which does not have any ocean outlets has high percentage of the minerals & salts (such as Dead Sea).

Minerals From Sea Dead Sea

Minerals From Sea 'Continental Weatherling'

In the terminology of the geography this procedure is known as 'Continental Weathering'. But the cause of the other minerals, such as Sodium, Potassium etc is the earth's interior volcanoes. The thermal conductivity of the sea water is much high (0.6W/mk) because of the presence of minerals.

There are huge possibilities in future to use sea minerals for various industrial as well as other uses.

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