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How To Make Ormus

Making Ormus indeed is one of the branch of new era research branch that is undergoing a tremendous development.

How To Make Ormus Methods

The chemical methods of production of the ormus is still a lot experimental and new methods are coming each day out proved to be cost effective and better than the last one but three basic procedures of making the ormus has been developed and widely used now a days.

The methods go as following:

1. WET method
2. DRY method
3. BOILING GOLD method

How To Make Ormus Wet Method

WET Method: one teaspoon of material, morning and evening, has been found by them to be not harmful over several weeks' time.

A much smaller dose, on the order of a few drops a day, would be more appropriate for the material produced by the boiling gold method.

1/64 teaspoon diluted in one quart of pure water, taken two or three ounces once or twice a day.

1. The basic steps: Start with drinkable water or even clean sea water.
2. Slowly add a solution of lye mixed with water to raise the pH above 8.5 but no higher than 10.78 is to be allowed
3. A white fluffy precipitate will form which you should allow to settle down overnight.
4. Keep away the liquid above the precipitate.
5. Thoroughly wash and clean the precipitate. It is calcium hydroxide, magnesium hydroxide, and a small amount of m-state material to be specific

How To Make Ormus Dry Method


1. Start with dry mineral powder.
2. Boil it in lye water at pH 12.
3. Filter and discard the precipitate.
4. Add distilled white vinegar or hydrochloric acid (HCl) to the filtered liquid to lower the pH to 8.5.
5. Let the precipitate settle overnight.
6. Remove the liquid above the precipitate.
7. Wash the precipitate. That is calcium hydroxide, magnesium hydroxide, and a small amount of m-state material.

How To Make Ormus Boiling Gold Method


1. Boiling of gold dust should be done in a lye solution.
2. Try to clear out any solids if found
3. Add distilled white vinegar to the remaining liquid to lower the pH almost up to 8.3-8.5
4. Precipitation to be allowed
5. Remove the liquid above the precipitate and try to separate it out.
6. Wash the precipitate completely. It is almost pure gold m-state material that has been formed

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