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Korean Bay Salt

Korean Bay Salt

 Natural Minerals Sea Salts

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  Natural minerals are essential nutrients for all living organisms.
  Korean Sea Salt contains higher levels of natural minerals (Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, etc) compared to imported salts.

  • Calcium is essential for healthy, strong bones and teeth and adequate consumption is crucial to protect against osteoporosis. 
  • Magnesium is an often overlooked mineral and close to 90% of us don’t get enough of it - if you don’t have enough of it in your diet, you may experience symptoms such as appetite loss, lack of energy, headaches, and even depression. It keeps the heart healthy, and aids in the absorption of other vital nutrients.  
  • Potassium is central to a healthy heart, and it’s important to have a healthy amount of potassium in the diet - particularly if you exercise. 
  Natural sea salt contains four times the mineral content of any other salt including Himalayan salt (which is second best). Natural Sea salt is much fresher and more "living" than rock salts that come out of the Earth. A pinch or two of Natural Sea salt to a liter (quart) of drinking water can do wonders to increase your hydration.   

 The Excellence of shinan Bay Salt
- Perfect Natural Conditions

  • The difference between sea levels during the low tide and high tide is very big and the area has a gentle slope.  
  • These characteristics make the area an ideal location for installing salt evaporation ponds.  
  • The mud flats are also rich in minerals, making the bay salt great in quality.   

 The Value of Domestic (shinan) Bay Salt

  The bay salt produced from the shinan mud flats are rich in minerals, and the quality is comparable to the world famous  Guerande salt of France.
 The shinan bay salt is an important factor in deciding the quality of traditional fermented foods.
 The taste of Kimchi, salted fish and other fermented foods using bay salt are much better than those using refined salts.

Possible Benefits Includes: 

  • Increasing metabolism 
  • Promote digestive function 
  • Detoxification function 
  • Sterilization 
  • Creation of cell 
  • Cleaning blood vessel 
  • Support generation of red blood cell 
  • Balancing body fluid 

 The foreshore of south west coast of Korea, one of the 5 greatest foreshores in the world, is recognized as worldwide foreshore.

What is Bay Salt?

 1. Bay salt from south west coast of Korea

  The foreshore of south west coast of Korea, one of the 5 greatest     foreshore in the world, is recognized as worldwide foreshore, where many kinds of fish, shellfish and marine algae inhabit, and where there are plenty of minerals and organic materials.

   On such a well qualified foreshore, the place of origin of bay salt, salt farms are located. Bay salt made from salt water of blue belt, sun rays and natural wind, has lower purity of sodium chloride about 80~86%, but it contains a plenty of various minerals that are beneficial for our body. Especially minerals that are contained in the Korean bay salt have well-proportioned mineral composition.

2. Efficacy of bay salt

Modern human beings suffers from many kinds of diseases like atopy, high blood pressure and cancer due to rapid change of society, stress and environmental factors.

  For the causes of these diseases, people have taken notice of excessive consumption of sodium that are contained in foods, however recent researches have figured out that disease are mainly caused by mixed reasons such as insufficiency of several minerals like calcium, potassium, magnesium and cellulose.

  Actually, it is not because of excessive consumption of salt, but because of consumption of refined salt, that is 99.8 % sodium chloride, out of which minerals are removed.

  Bay salt contains well-proportioned minerals which are necessary for human beings. We need to take good quality salt. It is possible to prevent diseases caused by unbalanced minerals only with using bay salt that contain plenty of minerals for daily foods.

 3. Concrete efficacy of bay salt

  Increasing metabolism Promote digestive function Detoxification function Sterilization Creation of cell Cleaning blood vessel Support generation of red blood cell Balancing body fluid Bay salt of Daikan salt.

 Bay salt supplied by Daikan salt

Daikan salt provide only 100% Korean made well-being salt that was produced according to traditional manufacturing know-how at "Sinan ", an island of angel,at the foreshore of south west coast of Korea, which is one of the 5 greatest foreshore in the world, An island of angel, "Sinan", more than 50 km away from the land ,is ideal.

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 A Healthy Alkali Salt
 Unlike the acidic imported salts, the shinan bay salt is close to being alkali, making it most suitable for consumption.

 High Contents of Natural Minerals
 Natural minerals are essential nutrients for all living organisms.
 And shinan bay salt contains higher levels of natural minerals (Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, etc) compared to imported salts.

 Great Taste
 Salt is an important ingredient of many traditional Korean foods such as Kimchi and salted fish. And using bay salt can enhance its tastes. The taste of Kimchi in particular, can be preserved for longer periods
when using bay salts, because it slows the rate of lactate fermentation compared with when using imported salts.

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