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Ormus Mineral Benefits

ORMUS - This is a wonderful and mysterious substance found unknowingly and there has been a vast research on the subject various scientists from various fields and countries were involved in the research huge amounts of money was spend on the research carried out is very expensive and the results found were also excellent and useful for the man-kind.

Ormus Mineral Benefits GOLD

It was discovered suddenly when a farmer was doing gold mining several millions of dollars are spend on the research to figure out how to obtain these products easily and to obtain the maximum amount of benefit and the amount of work that can be done with the help of these strange materials.

DAVID HUDSON and BARRY CARTER are the top two biggest names connected with this strange material. ORMUS has been a great topic in the raw food world for some time. HUDSON call the materials he found Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements or ORME's and are referred to as the monatomic elements in a high-spin state. It is also called the monoatomic gold, white gold, white powder gold, ORMUS, m-state, AuM , micro clusters and manna.

It is also believed to be called as the "Philosopher's stone" and the "Elixir of Life" many of the alchemists have researched for several years right from the Ancient Egyptians. It's a Hebrew word ,which means the "TREE OF LIFE". The moct amazing thing of this substance is that it is a connecting link between the physics, physiology and chemistry the ancient Egyptians called it "The Tree of Life", Kabalah and more.

Ormus Mineral Benefits PRECIOUS METAL

Ormus Mineral Benefits Atomic State

Ormus is considered to be the most precious metal in a different atomic state.There are some elements that have been identified in the different states of matter such as Gold, Silver, Platinum, Iridium, Osmium, Palladium, Mercury, Rhodium, Ruthenium, Copper, Nickel and Cobalt all the above said elements can be found abundantly in the sea water and as said by the famous researchers and scientists.

These above said elements in their Ormus state may be as much as 10,000 times more abundant in sea water than their metallic counterparts still research is being carried out to know more and more benefits of this elements in their Ormus state and also know about other elements that occur in their nature.

Ormus Mineral Benefits Sea Water

There are a vast benefits from these elements if used correctly they have been observed to exhibit super conductivity, super fluidity, Josephson tunneling i.e.tunneling through solid objects and also the magnetic levitation. It as if these are a entirely a new class of elements or materials and the exictment of the scientists was touching the sky to know about the various properties and the vast benefits of the material.

They are also found in almost all the biological systems but in a very little amount and help all the biological systems to work properly. They enhance the energy flow in all the microtubules inside all the living cells due to which the life span of the cell increases and also the health of the cells also increases which in turn increases the health of the organism making it better and help in its survival, this magical substance is of great use to the human beings and is a very important part of our life the main thing is that they allow the low energy state, super deformed and high-spin monatomic particles.

These ORMUS Gold and other precious elements are completely different from their own metallic states of the same elements which is the most stunning quality of these elements. Ingesting ormus gold has different effects on the body than the ingesting metallic gold effects, what makes these special elements different from others is that they do not make the bonds with their own type i.e. due to a scientific reason that their valiancy electrons are not available to form the normal molecular bonds as in their cooper paired states each electron is paired up with another electron. Hence making it a different element and when they cease to behave as particles and then begin to behave more as light which is a stunning property they have got, this is what the reason that is making the scientists more and more curious about the topic and hence many scientists are gathering from all over the world to do research on this important topic and the important element.

Ormus Mineral Benefits RESEARCH

Ormus Mineral Benefits Research

These elements once a 100% research work is completed and after knowing all the benefits, merits, de-merits of the element. Then it can be used widely by all. In fact to say literally these magical material is turned into light i.e. photons. These precious metal have a unique property i.e. they can be stable in their monatomic form, which can then lead to the effects that range from levitation i.e. weight loss to zero energy. Applications of the fundamental biological and human physiological effects, but the main and the most important fact is that they are always found in their natural state in combination with gold and have a strong affinity as we know. Gold has the tradition of being the most important and expensive commodity from the past itself. It has all the qualities and was a most important commodity for the spiritual tradition which has survived countless generations.

The procedure of producing the monatomic gold is that first you get a sort of gray-black thing called as Hydrogen Auride(HAu). Then after heating when the protons get annealed away, and it goes to a snow white powder. It loses around 4/9th of its weight due to the annealing of protons from it and if you take it back to its metal. It again regains its weight and if you keep on annealing the material in the pan. It gains a weight of 200-300% of its weight and if you heat further its weight goes almost to nothing. This happens almost in the white powder form, but the thing is that mass is always a constant and had never left, keep on cooling the material and it is losing its weight almost to nothing that is it is approaching to zero.

If said in a technical way and the result is that you have a superconductor which can be used for various operations. Researches and different other type of things, which is one of the important property of the meta.l and also can be said as unique. When describing the material itself, it can be said as unique, and of course the properties shown by it will obviously be unique and hence the benefits are unique. This has got a wide applications in various industries and if used correctly it can revolutionize our life style there are a maximum number of merits than the de-merits.

Ormus Mineral Benefits Laser

Super-conductors are the materials having single wave length, a single vibration or frequency like the properties possessed by a LASER i.e. It doesn't allow any potential voltage to exist within it.  It is a perfect amperage, but no voltage and the amount of light that can exist. In a superconductor does not have any limit and doesn't reside in any space and time. Superconductivity also responds to the magnetic fields such as the larger magnetic property of the world. Which is an important property for that material? Superconductors can also see through our brains as when we do something or think something different parts of the brain keeps on sending the signals through our nervous system to various parts of our body. 

During this process of sending and receiving signals by the brain, different parts of the brain gets lighted up and that can be seen by a superconductor i.e. It can contribute a lot to the field of NEUROLOGY and might be proved a great help to the doctors in treating the patients and for the patients in saving their life i.e.  Also it has the great property of saving life either directly or indirectly.  I think possessing this property only is the greatest thing to make the material a antique one because nothing in this world is greater than saving the mankind. We all know the famous saving "SERVICE TO MAN IS SERVICE TO GOD".

Ormus Mineral Benefits Magnetic

The amazing thing is that when it loses its 4/9th of its weight it's just flowing the light within it and in response to t the earth's magnetic field and so much of current can be flown through it as it levitates 4/9th of its weight on the earth's magnetic field.

As a human hand has a sufficient amperage that if we pass it under the sample the material just floats and is very much sensitive to the magnetic field seeing all the above properties it can be concluded that the benefits of this material are just awesome and also the qualities possessed by it are unique and mind blowing hence there are many organizations and the scientists eagerly waiting for a complete research on the material and are just amazed to see the results that are being exhibited by it.

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