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Ocean Resources 

Our oceans are perhaps nature’s greatest gifts to us. They are amongst the most valuable natural resources that serve us as well as the entire living community of the world in countless number of ways. Not only does it provide food to a large part of the world community but also serves as an effective and cheap means of transport and trade.

Ocean Resources

Ocean Resources Provide

Oceans have been used by humans since time immemorial for trade. Another greatest aspect of the oceans lies in the mineral wealth that is buried in their beds.

Oceans are a storehouse of materials like sand, gravel and salt as well as mineral wealth that varies from magnesium to mica, iron, copper, cobalt, manganese and many others.

Mineral oil, which is the source of satisfaction of nearly entire of the earth’s energy needs, is also mined from the oceans. Oceans are also used for various recreational activities and water sports for joy and fun.

  Oceans are the providers of the largest biotic community to the earth. It gives shelter to the largest array of flora and fauna in the world. No other biotic community can even get close to that harboured by the oceans.

Oceans are turning out to be the largest source of bio medically advantageous organisms that have an enormous potential of providing cures for countless diseases.

Ocean Resources BalanceOceans also help to maintain the earth’s climatic balance by playing a pivotal role in maintenance of the earth’s water balance as well as its oxygen balance. Oceans also help in regulation of the percentage of carbon in the earth’s atmosphere and hence its temperature.

Oceans are also of immense importance to those economies that depend largely on the processing and export of fish. Consumption of fish meets 16 per cent of the world’s protein needs. Oceans thus are an indispensable source of food for a large part of the world community. Molluscs and crustaceans residing in oceans also form an important part of the world food chain.

The next important aspect of oceans is shipping. Today more than 80 per cent of the world trade is carried out through the ocean routes.

Various types of ships like tankers, bulk carriers etc. that ferry through these shipping routes help the wheels of world trade to keep turning.

Many sea-faring nations thus depend entirely on the oceans for the sole purpose of boosting their economies through imports and exports.

Oceans also help to promote tourism through various recreational facilities like water sports, deep sea diving etc.

Ocean Resources Importance

Oceans are of utmost importance from the mining point of view also. Many important mineral ores like that of mica, manganese, copper etc are found in vast quantities in the ocean beds.

It is thus extremely important for us to keep the oceans free from pollution and dirt as much as possible.

The most important method of doing so is by spreading awareness among people about the immense importance of oceans not only for us, but also for the entire living community.

Only then will we be able to hand over this greatest gift of nature in its true purity to the future generations.

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