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Monatomic and Monatomic Gold 

Monatomic  Gold is also known as the Egyptian White Power Gold and was believed to be the Fruit of tree of life, and the Star-fire Gold of the Gods it was a mystical and alchemical substance used by  the ancient people of Kemet(Egypt) it was used by them to achieve the super/higher states of consciousness and mystical experiences i.e. they were practicing with it later in 2003 a famous author Laurence Gardner has explained about the rediscovery of this Mono-atomic Gold in his book “Lost Secrets of the Ark of the Covenant” . 

Monatomic and Monatomic Gold

Mono-atomic  means single atom and it is non-metallic and non-toxic ,zero valence in nature this is totally a pure form of gold they prepared with changing the base metals into gold and can be made from 24 carat gold the ancient Egyptians practiced this and was mastered by the people of “Kemet”. 

Monatomic and Monatomic Gold White Powder

They used to make gold cakes using the white powder gold (mono-atomic gold) it was prepared with the use of 99.98% pure gold and changing its atomic structure and they finally obtained a fine power consisting of trillions of single gold atoms, and to the amazement each particle obtained is literally lighter than the air. 

They used this for spiritual practices and to solve their problems this was widely used during that period. mono-atomic gold induces and also enhances the state of spiritual bliss, euphoria, higher awareness (which was needed the most), it also increased the sexual stimulation of the person who have consumed it, used to magnify and sharpen the insight and helps a lot in the development of psychic ability, and doubts to surface sequentially it produces the cell realignment after usage. 

After the consumption of this it allows one’s subconsciously held beliefs, worries, concerns, and doubts to surface so that they can be understood, over-stood and also inner-stood and then each issue is brought to light so that full concentration and attention be given to it in solving the problem. It neutralizes all the negativity held in the cells and also protects them from foreign/Trojan invasions.  

 Monatomic & Monatomic Gold Benefits

 Monoatomic and Monatomic Gold bnr

This substance was used for healing all or most of the diseases the main benefits of these are 


1.       It strengthens the immune system.

2.       Strengthening the heart.

3.       Strengthening the pituitary and pineal gland.

4.       Revitalizing the thymus gland

5.       Enhancement in the production of Red blood cells (in bone marrow).

6.       Helps in the regeneration of all the cells in the body.

7.       Brain cells are also regenerated


All the above said properties make it an important powder in the field of science and hence a major research is being carried out on this. However when the aura or energy field is strengthened and magnified, we function in synchronization and harmony with the natural rhythms of nature. Hence our wellbeing is optimal and we are alive with vibrant live force. They were one of the most important sources of meditation and also to get linked up with the spiritual world which was very important in the life of an Ancient Egyptian they were mostly spiritual and belonged to one of the oldest civilizations recognized till now.  

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