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Ormus Minerals Ormus Nectar

It contains calcium, magnesium and other important minerals that form an even blend of M-state elements. It is made of the Ormus Rich Salts gathered off the Pacific Ocean and Western shore of the United States and other regions of the world.
This product is extracted Ormus from the Pacific Ocean and mixed with Ormus rich salts gathered from all around the world. It is then infused with Solay from the Himalayan crystal salt. This is mixed with Ormus trap water and Ormus dew for a powerful combination. Lastly, the mixture is mixed with Solay for a synergistic natural nutritional energy. It consists of 84 different minerals to support your health.

Ormus Minerals Gold Energy

Ormus minerals Gold energy is made up of the best known minerals source in the world - the Dead Sea salts. The minerals for this product are extracted off the coast off the Dead Sea near the Israel. It consists of M-state elements that are naturally balanced along with other essential minerals to improve health.
This product is then mixed with Sole (solay) made from the Himalayan Crystal salt. The mixture contains 84 different types of minerals along with the Himalayan crystal salt to give your body and mind the most synergistic natural energy to perform better, without any side effects.

Ormus Minerals Complete Balance

Ormus minerals are made up of the purest minerals extracted off the western coast of United States, the Pacific Ocean, and Ormus rich salt gathered from areas around the globe. This product contains a naturally balanced blend of 11 M-state elements combined with essential minerals such as Magnesium and Calcium.
Ormus minerals complete balance is extracted off the Pacific water and mixed with Ormus rich salts (like Himalayan Crystal salt - solay), found in the Himalayan Mountain belt. The resultant product is very good for your body. It provided 84 vital minerals combined in one product that boosts your mind and health.

Ormus Minerals Gold with Ocean Ormus c11 Infusion

The process begins by combining the purest natural Dead Sea salt (which contains high level of Ormus gold) with pure ocean water (rich in c11 Ormus elements) to create the best blend of the two ever. The product consists of Dead Sea salt and pure Pacific Ocean water off the shores of the Western United States.
The product contains a perfect blend of eleven M-state minerals and other essential minerals like Magnesium and Calcium. This is the mixed with Sole derived from the Himalayan crystal salt. The ultimate product consists of 84 different types of essential minerals that synergises the body and mind perfectly.

Ormus Minerals Charged Ocean Energy

The product is made from the purest essence of the Pacific Ocean. It contains 11 different elements combined in a perfect blend. The product is then combined with 7 Ormus rich salts that are then infused with Himalayan crystal salt. The product contains 84 different minerals (like magnesium and calcium) that work synergestly to give your body pure raw materials to improve your energy.
The resultant product is a very condensed Ormus mineral product that's twice as effective compared to the regular Ormus mineral ocean energy. This improves your health and energy and leads you to a healthier lifestyle.

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