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Ocean Water Mineral

70% of our earth is covered by water mainly ocean and seas. The vast water bodies and its enormous potential are yet to be totally revealed. The ocean is a vast pool of minerals and resources of the most natural type.

Ocean Water Mineral

The direct extraction of resources is limited to salt; magnesium; placer gold, tin, titanium, and diamonds; and fresh water but the extraction processes are still under great progress.

The main ocean mineral waters are like to be following:

Ocean Water Mineral Salts 

SALT: Almost 250 million metric tons of salt produced annually is mined from large beds of salt.

Ocean Water Mineral Salts

These beds found are, now deeply buried, were left when waters from ancient oceans evaporated in shallow seas or marginal basins, leaving residual thick beds of salt; the beds were subsequently covered and protected from the remaining solution and destruction.

POTASSIUM: Potassium salts, however, occur in many more thickly evaporate sequences along with common salt and is mined from these beds at rates of eleven of millions of metric tons per year or so.

The potassium salts were deposited when sea water had been evaporated down to about one-nineteenth of its original volume.

MAGNESIUM: 60 present of the magnesium metal and some of the magnesium salts produced in the western world are extracted from sea water electrolytic ally.

The remaining portion of the magnesium metal and salts is extracted from old ocean deposits where the salts precipitated during evaporation or even formed during digenesis.

Ocean Water Limestone and Gypsum

Ocean Water Mineral Limestone

LIMESTONE AND GYPSUM: Limestone's (rocks composed of calcium carbonate) are forming mainly in the tropical to semitropical oceans of the world today as the result of precipitation by biological organisms ranging from molluscs to even corals and plants.

The minerals found in the ocean have lots of benefits to mankind and prove to expand the lists of resources and those are yet to be revealed.

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