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Ormus Elements

"Ormus elements "the term itself may found to be very irregular and odd one but in the history of discovery these elements have given a new painstaking new dimension to the abundance of benefits to living beings.

 The "Ormus" as the name has been coined is basically the sea water base potential power.

Ormus Elements

Ormus elements are elements which basically are found in sea water and has got astonishing healing effect to numerous body ailments, can be proved very useful in increasing the potential of crops, beneficiary for the animal world and even the best thing is that it can prevent serious adverse climate change.

Even though a lot research work is on the process accompanied with numerous debates but its potential has been proved.

Ormus Elements Physical Properties

The physical properties if analysed can be mind boggling as these elements have found out to have no metallic characteristics, no spectroscopic characteristics and even do not have chemical characteristics.

Even though in sea water it is outmost impossible not have these characteristics. Even though scientist have claimed three things as argument

  • 1.  Re-arrangement of the electrons are re-arranged in such a way that they no longer participate in chemical reactions.
  • 2. The bonds which normally hold metal atoms together in the solid form are lacking, so that they would be effectively monatomic.
  • 3. The elements of sea water like rhodium, iridium, gold, platinum, palladium, copper and several others, can exist in a completely different state, in which they are not metallic being grey or white powders when isolated in the solid state.

Ormus Elements Research

Ormus Elements Dea Sea

The state of research can be very fruitful for the entire field of agriculture, health and climate related issues. Dead Sea products and volcanic sediments have been found out to be the best source of "Ormus elements".

In due time it is expected that numerous great discoveries are waiting about these elements.

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