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M-state materials are similar to the mono-atomic or ORME materials.

C-11 or M-11 is all 11 of the m-state materials usually recovered from sea water.

Depending on the source the relative concentrations will vary.

For example the Pacific Ocean will vary from Alaska to Japan.

M-3 is just 70% of rhodium, 15% of iridium and 15% of gold.

The fact is that the gold content in M-3 is much greater than it is in C-11.

The assay of m-state elements in natural source materials is tough and it requires that they be converted to their metallic counterparts which are then subjected to conventional assay procedures.

This difficulty of assay is compounded by the propensity of these m-state elements to change from one element to another.

Generally they tend

The most stable m-state element is gold.

The half-life of m-state elements is reduced by sunlight.

Since these elements move toward gold, in any situation like the Dead Sea, one would expect most of the m-state elements to have converted to gold due to their exposure to sunlight over the centuries.

Following is a chart showing some preliminary percentages of certain m-state elements from different sources sea water sources:

There is definitely a more pronounced effect with the M-3 and the M-1 but whether this is a concentration effect or has to do with people's expectations regarding the elements associated with the gold is not known yet.

The M-3 generally comes from mine tailings which have the proper ratio of m-state to move toward the gold m-state material.

If the mine waste material is not available, pure metal is converted to the m-state and mixed in the proper ratio.

The M-3 is measured in fluid ounces and is measured after the liquid m-state material has settled out and concentrated for four or five days.

You can get most of the health benefits from C-11 but it takes a bit longer.

The C-11 provides for "general uplifting and total body health." "You can go all the way with it if you continue to take it."

Many people who take these materials get a sort of "high" from them.

This researcher thinks this is because it increases the efficiency of the body and the brain.

He claims that you only need 10% of the energy to run the body that you are normally used to running on.

The excess energy that is liberated goes into producing the high feeling.
"Any ailment you've had in your life that didn't heal properly, this will attack and re-heal them properly.

So you get all the symptoms back on everything you've ever had as you go through it."

But they are not as severe as they were the first time you went through them.
Depending on a person's current psychological state when they start taking m-state materials they may become more active or more passive for example.
Some people get real sleepy while their body is repairing itself.

When they get up they will "eat everything but the curtain rods and then they will go right back to sleep again."

The body needs fuel to repair the damage that has accumulated throughout life.

It needs rest so that the body can repair itself.

"It forces the body to do what it has to do to get itself fixed.

You no longer have the mental choice to say 'I'm going to stay awake for a week'; if you need to turn off, you turn off."

As with all things that you ingest it is wise to stop taking them when you reach a plateau of effects.

Taking anything through the plateau can result in addiction.

If you are not taking these materials to cure a specific disease it is probably best to take them for no more than two weeks at a time with a week of rest between the two week periods.

Some early researchers claim that the m-state gold, if taken alone, can tend to lock people into their current physical or mental condition.

For example if they are criminals they may just become much more effective criminals.

This theory is based on a very small sample over a very short time.


The m-copper seems to have a less profound psycho-physical effect than the gold.

Some people react well to m-state copper and some people do not.

M-state copper will put a person with Parkinson's disease into a severe reaction.

Do not take m-state copper if you have a history of Parkinson's disease in your family.

Parkinson's disease is a result of the body not handling copper properly.

If you do not have tendencies toward Parkinson's disease, m-state copper is actually good for you.

Most of the effects generally associated with aging; gray hair, wrinkles etc.

have been linked to copper deficiency.

Copper deficiency is what kills most of us.

If m-state copper is what gives chlorophyll its green color then your mother was right when she told you to eat your vegetables.


M-state platinum causes strong Anabas type reactions to alcohol if you eat the m-state platinum and try to drink alcohol.

Several people who took m-state platinum for allergies seemed to recover from the allergies.

The whole group went out to a New Year's party to celebrate.

Right after they started to drink they got so sick that they thought they were going to die.


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