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Mineral Sources

These are the natural resources found in the mother earth and cannot be renewed. They are also present in the organisms as both in the form of organic as well as inorganic forms. The calcium, phosphorous, sodium, chlorine and sulphur are the major minerals that you can find in almost all living organisms and small traces of iron, copper, cobalt, zinc, fluorine and selenium can also be found.

Mineral Sources

Minerals Sources Plant Kingdom

The minerals in the Plant Kingdom are divided into micro and macro nutrients.The macro nutrients consist of calcium, magnesium, sulphur and iron whereas the micro nutrients comprises of the manganese, cobalt, zinc and chlorine. They are present almost everywhere in the world, in some places they are in bulk and at other parts of the earth only traces can be found. It depends on the geography and also the topography of a place. Their distribution is totally unequal for example India is rich in coal, manganese, iron, chromites and mica.It is deficit in gold, silver and nickel etc.

In North America there is abundance of molybdenum but deficit of tin, manganese. However the deficit minerals can be found in abundant in INDONESIA and MALAYSIA as in SOUTH AFRICA more amount of gold and uranium resources can be found here.

Mineral Sources Energy

New projects are continuously being taken up by different companies to explore the new sources of energy as because the minerals contribute to most for our fuel demands.

Mineral Sources Geographic Interest

Mineral resources are of geographic interest and not of economic interest because public safety is also most important. If we are consuming the minerals in same rate then there would be a great deficit of mineral resources in a century almost all the countries are taking proper measures to protect their natural resources and are also trying their best for alternate type of fuels and they are also succeeding in their experiments but still they are working with their full efficiency.

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