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Ormus Gold

It is a well known fact that nature has numerous hidden things buried in its lap.

Human Beings were able to discover only a few amount of such thing till date.

The few that have been discovered is mostly co incidents.

However, it has helped human civilization to progress smoothly.

One such discovery was made by an American farmer named David Hudson in 1975.

He actually discovered something strange in the soil.

However, the most astonishing feature of the element was its ability to vanish into the air, when dried in sunlight, giving off a bright light.

Under proper supervision, the element was found to contain aluminum, gold, silver and iron.

This unusual behavior of the element created a strong excitement among the common people.

The presence of elements in their independent mono-atomic forms is very rare in nature as, independent elemental forms always have the tendency to combine with other elements and exist in the form of compounds which seem to be much more stable as compared to the elements alone.

But, you must consider or admit this strong fact that exceptions do exist in nature.

One such form of exception is the presence of a miraculous form comprising Orbitally Rearranged Mono-atomic Elements, which is commonly known as ORMEs.

This magical form was coincidentally discovered by an Arizona farmer named David Hudson in 1975, as informed earlier.

The properties of the substance that was discovered were so miraculous that Hudson was amazed by them especially, the property of the substance to vanish into the air, when the substance was dried in sunlight, giving off some bright light.

This magical element later came to be known as ORMEs, which is commonly referred as Orbitally Rearranged Mono-atomic Elements or Ormus.

It was then stated as White powder gold or Philosopher's stone.

The term Ormus thus stands for the 12 elements that exist in the normal as well as in the higher energy state.

It was later found that this form existed as a super conductor, through several sincere researches.

However, these elements resonate to the prime or zero energy from which all forms of life originates and hence has the enormous potential of being used in countless ways if the benefits are taped properly.

However detection of Ormus is very difficult thing, as, it exists in nature just as inert gases exist in the atmosphere.

Earlier, it was much more difficult to detect, as, the spectroscopes were not so developed in those days.

In earlier days, it was also said that, Ormus state elements comprise a good portion of the mass which leaves the body of a living at that instant when the soul leaves the body.

The Ormus mainly constitutes the free atoms of the 13 transition elements of the chemically inert gases.

Postulations also state that they are negligibly small as compared to their masses and are enveloped by a very strong anti-magnetic field.

Now, to account on these specific properties, our atmosphere always contains a large quantity of these gases.

In fact, they blend into the atmosphere finely and effortlessly and may be mistaken for relatively inert gases such as Carbon Dioxide (Co2), Argon and Nitrogen (No2), which possess similar weight and vapor pressure as compared to them.

Transition metals are mostly paramagnetic in nature and may be considered to be a great source of a relatively weak magnetic field.

In the solid state, transition metals, when occurring in lumps can either be Ferro-magnetic or anti Ferro-magnetic, both of which are unique properties and not generally exhibited by independent atoms or those existing in an isolated manner.

This particular concept of anti magnetic field effect is beyond the boundaries of research by modern scientists.

It may perhaps be considered to be a magnetic field caused due to anti matter, and in this particular case, Ormus may be considered to be the anti-matte.

Atmospheric Chemistry however has never been mentioned in any topic related to Ormus or ORMEs till date.

Hence, in that context, the existence of Ormus is still not believed upon by some atmospheric chemists.

Some of the Atmospheric Chemists still consider it as a hoax.

Ormus is a form that can be found almost everywhere ranging from soil to plants and even in the human body, though obviously in varying proportions.

According to scientists, the Ormus content of the human brain can be raised by about 5 % substantially by taking in adequate quantity of food and water, which is enriched with Ormus.

It can thus be commented correctly that this form of high energized form (white gold) can further be put into various uses through more research on the subject.

If the research in this context proceeds successfully, this White Gold or the Ormus Gold can be used in enormous ways and in a vast applicable field.


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