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Dead Sea Salt Products


Dead Sea is known to many as a great tourist attraction for its uniqueness of providing people an opportunity to remain afloat in sea. It is the source of 21 minerals including those like bromine potassium, calcium and magnesium. It has even been found that there are very rare minerals and cannot be found in any other ocean. The salt content of the Dead Sea is the highest at "31.5%". However, the presence of common salt is only about 16 per cent.

Dead Sea Salt Products

The water also helps to gain improvement in nervous system and provides the skin with an outside elasticity. They help improvement of circulatory and metabolic systems and relief from rheumatoid problems. The Dead Sea today has become a centre for cure and research on the therapeutic effect of the minerals on various problems related to health. It has become so important from its medicinal point of view that, many beauty care product manufacturing as well as pharmaceutical ones are flocking at the place to make the best use of the resources available there.

Dead Sea Salt Products THALASSOTHERAPY

Dead Sea Salt Products Thalassotherapy

Products made from Dead Sea water can be helpful in Thalassotherapy. The minerals in such products can prove to be very effective in repair of damaged skin cells as well as giving the skin a glowing and rejuvenating touch.

Patients suffering from acute Rhinosinusitis can get much more relief by the spray of Dead Sea saline nasal drops.

Dead Sea Salt Products OSTEOARTHRITIS

According to medical researchers, Dead Sea salt products can be used as an effective cure for patients suffering from acute osteoarthritis in their knees, which is indeed a very painful ailment.

The Dead Sea is also a storehouse of important mineral salts. Elemental bromine, magnesium and sodium chloride (common salt) are taken out in large amounts.

Dead Sea is thus of immense natural value to humans.

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