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Ormus Effects
The list of ormus effects are numerous and have the astonishing effect on several things in and around our ourselves.

Ormus Effects

Ormus effect is prominent in plants as they help the plants to grow upward away from gravity. Especially forums say Ormus gold increases the spiritual consciousness, longevity support, boost the neurotransmitters and do help reduce enhance the anti- aging characteristics. It also gives a great relief from joint pain and its degradation also enhances the metabolism.

Ormus Effects Metals

These metals are found to be switching from one metal to another at the different temperatures and found to increase the dream lucidity to great level.

Although the most of the effects have been found but numerous are still left to be detected but for sure the high spin of the elements of ormus do give a complete assurance of the superconductivity of these elements. Ormus elements can pass through quantum tunnelling and even carrying very less water with it.

Ormus Effects Agriculture

Ormus Effects Fields

Agriculture are effected by the ormus elements as one of the scientists rightly said that "Even though it is probable that in land, ormus increases its ratio to salt about 80 times".

Ormus Effects

We note Dr Murray's comment that human populations where malignancy is rare tend to be found in areas where there is "very little egress of water to the sea", so the effect was indeed remarkable.

So with the use of ormus minerals Oranges were produced the size of cantaloupes and melons and it was really growing faster. Ormus treated crops were found to be pest resistant and requires considerable less amount of fertilizer to grow than the average crops. Yields further increase during the second and subsequent years after treatment with ormus. So each year the soil gets better which helps the garden and agriculture increase and produce more every year. This is very probably due to the effect of ORMUS in building up the soil's content of mycorrhizae--the fungal symbioses which are necessary for plant sustenance, growth and development.

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